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New Frontiers Cover

"Eloquent, evocative and sophisticated" 

"Brilliant... in his own class of musical wizardry"

"Well crafted... a high level of musicianship... well performed"

"Excellent tone and great technique... a talented player well worth hearing"

"You've never heard the flute played like this before"

"Sean Grace's flute playing is rich, moody, sparkling and deep."

"A few seconds was all it took for me to become obsessed about this album." 

"Sean is a Master. This CD is unique; a must have"

"Flute has been my instrument since I was six years old and hearing it played so lovingly and well touched my soul."

"The thing I love the most about this album is how well composed the music sounds incredible and draws the listener in to sit back, stop what they are doing and get swept up and away."

"I whole heartedly recommend this album to anyone...feels like a touch on the consciousness and a new awareness that is indescribable by words."

"This man knows how to make music... it will take you to a whole new world."

"Sexy, puts a spell on you and takes you away"

"This CD  reaches the inner psyche where the soul cools its feet and lures the spiritual self out into the light for an engaging musical dance with the body. One feels free and alive."


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